“Top o’ the line recording equipment matched with plenty of mixing/mastering experience – Sound West Studios has you covered!
Josh has recorded me so many times, and he’s always got good ideas to improve the quality of the recording. He’s given me valuable feedback during recording sessions, and helped me take certain songs to a whole new level.”

-Travis Allred, Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter


Recording (my album) Big Sky with Josh at Soundwest Studios was the first time I had worked in a professional environment for all recording and mixing on a record. For this project I was working with Geoff Thomas on the drums, but the rest of the instruments (which included bass, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, percussion, and vocals) where recorded with myself performing and Josh serving as engineer. That’s a lot of time with just the two of us, something that could have been unpleasant or tiring while undertaking something as stressful as recording an album.

In hindsight, what stands out most from the experience was the professionalism and expertise Josh has. He maximized the time for productivity. He provided encouragement when things went well and suggested changes when they did not. But most importantly, he remains objective, yet affirming, which builds trust between artist and engineer. (And let me note how rare that is in the world of audio) This gave me the confidence needed for outstanding performances. Josh is second to none in technical skill and bedside manner and an album recorded at Sound West Studios will get new artists or bands a top quality record they can be proud of.

Dan Evans, Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist


I’ve worked with Josh for years and his work in the studio is excellent. The quality of the equipment, the effectiveness of the space, and Josh’s knowledge and professionalism really make Sound West a great asset to the Missoula music community!”

Dan Molgaard, Bassist & Live Sound Engineer


“Great setup, ran very professionally. Amazing selection of instruments and great for recording anything from hip-hop to metal.”

– Knute Nelson, Multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist, Songwriter


Josh works quickly and efficiently. So far I have worked with him by recording at home and emailing wave files to be mixed. His tracks come back mixed just how I envision them but louder and juicier than I could do with my equipment and understanding. He responds quickly to requests, he is careful to work toward your vision, he is a positive, professional and affordable asset. He is encouraging, courteous and grateful. I have had only positive experiences so far and look forward to continuing my experience with Sound West Studios. I have worked with a few of the big studios in Missoula, all of which have their upsides and downsides and their strengths and weaknesses and all of which are run by absolutely wonderful people. I think the greatest strength for Sound West is that they are straight forward, hard working, honest and respectful. I’d say for those four traits I can pretty much guarantee they are more so than any other studio in MIssoula that I am aware of. Note: I have not been in the actual studio, as I mentioned above I record at my own house, but it also looks fantastic and the pictures I have seen look really nice. In conclusion, if you are reading reviews and shopping around for where to record a record or a song, I highly recommend Sound West Studios, it’s a hidden gem here in Missoula in that Josh has the education, the know how and also the equipment you are looking for but as far as I am aware, remains fairly underground. Definitely don’t pass up this chance before this studio gets any larger! Right now is your shot to get a recording here done quickly and relatively inexpensive for the quality of recording you are receiving!! This studio is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a high quality track in Missoula

Paul Lenihan, Multi-instrumentalist & Songwriter


Josh from Sound West Studios recorded the drums on my metal band’s last album and they were by far the best sounding part of the album. Kicking myself for not having him do the other instruments as well. He also will rent out his very fancy professional drum kit for not much more than the recording rate. I highly recommend going that route because it sounds phenomenal. My drummer decided to use his own kit, and we ended up with a crystal clear recording of a pretty mediocre kit. Really wishing we used Josh’s. Oh well. One thing’s for sure – I will be recording at Sound West Studios again!

Jeremy Meine, Guitarist & Songwriter.


When it comes to recording music here in Missoula, there is simply no better person to go to than Josh, the owner of Sound West Studios.

Over the years, I have watched Josh put in countless hours in the studio perfecting the art of writing, performing, recording, editing, and promoting music. We have recorded two albums together and I have always been impressed by his dedication to getting the job done, even if it means hauling equipment by himself and staying up until 3:00 AM to put on the finishing touches.

With Josh, you can expect a down-to-earth but knowledgeable conversation about the industry from a musician’s perspective, a valuable asset for any aspiring artist. Josh also knows his stuff when it comes to equipment. By working with Sound West Studios, you gain access to over $20,000 worth of top-of-the line equipment that he has researched and deemed worthy for his own personal use, along with the expertise to utilize its full potential. In Missoula, there is simply no better place to find a professional recording environment.

Josh’s resume speaks for itself. With him at the helm, our band High Voltage has seen a spot playing in Warped Tour, the completion of two albums with a third on its way, and coveted opening spots for such well-known groups as Halestorm, Wayne Static, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to name but a few. Josh works with local artists to record everything from personal songs to a loved one to professionally-produced EP’s and album tracks, so no job is too small or large for him to tackle, and his rates are extremely reasonable.

If you’re still on the fence about working with Sound West Studios, do yourself a favor and call Josh today. You won’t regret it.”

Oliver Huang, Classical Pianist and Keyboardist


Great studio. Very professional, with top of the line equipment and a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Recorded High Voltage’s record Electrify and it was one of the most pleasant recording sessions I’ve ever had.

Milan House, Pianist and Keyboardist